AMCC New President

On 23rd April 2016, Haji Fauzy was elected to be the New President of Arab Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (AMCC). The new BOD comprises of: Tuan Haji Mohamed Fauzy (President – Malaysian), Ahmed Tahoun (Vice President – Arab), Amnah Binti Shaari (Vice President – Malaysian), Mohamad Radwan Alami (Board Member – Arab), Mr. Ala’ Eddin Husni (Board Member – Arab), Ms Rosmah Ismail (Board Member – Malaysian). Haji Fauzy succeeding Puan Noor Asiah bt Mahmood as her term has been completed as a president.

Started with Nestle, in 1982, Haji Fauzy set up Gabungan Pengedar Nestle Bumiputera Konsortium (known as GAPENEST Sdn Bhd) consists of 29 members of Bumiputera Nestle Distributors throughout Malaysia. The company ultimately secured 10% equity in Nestle Malaysia. As the President of MOFAZ Group of Companies and heading the Board of Directors of the Group, Haji Fauzy collectively shaped (with his trusted management team) the MOFAZ Group over the last 39 years, through sound business management and prudent expansion planning, to evolve into a dynamic consortium pioneering and incorporating quality offerings within the Automotive, International & Domestic Trading, Aviation, Marine, Services & Hospitality, Green Technology, Motorsports, Advertising, as well as, Wellness & Wellbeing sectors. Apart from Malaysia, the Group activities have also branched out to the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Middle East, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia with an average annual turnover of over RM400 million.