How to Apply for Non Preferential Certificates of Origin (NPCOs)

The Arab Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (AMCC) is an official Issuer of NPCOs, appointed by the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Finance (MITI).

NPCOs are a vital tool to regulate and foster international trade: every country must consider the origin of imported goods to establish the duty that will be applied to the goods.
Moreover, NPCOs may be necessary to comply with a buyer`s request, foreign custom regulations and letters of credit.

How to Apply for NPCOs
Applying for NPCOs with the AMCC is smooth, fast and effective.

AMCC`s Secretariat provides a free, no obligation consultation to clarify any doubts on the guidelines for NPCOs` application. Our professionals can gladly arrange for a meeting for members and non-members to attend to their preliminary queries.
However, this is not strictly necessary as most of the application process can be carried out on-line, saving you time and increasing cost-efficiency.

There are two easy steps to submit your NPCOs application:

– Check if you qualify to apply for NPCOs (click here to access the requirements set by MITI for the Manufacturers and Traders registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia – SSM).

– Contact the AMCC to submit your request.
– Upon verifying your eligibility, you shall promptly be provided with the official Forms and Checklists to process your application.
– Upon the Forms and Supporting Documents are duly compiled, the AMCC will check on the accuracy and compliance of the information complied to issue the NPCOs.
We welcome our members and non- members to submit their inquiries and applications to the AMCC`s Secretariat:
T: +60 2078 9990