The 5th Road2Haramain Festival

img-20161102-wa0011From the left: Datuk Hj Abdul Rahim Bin Abdullah, Eng. Fahad Ergsous, Mr. Ala Eddin Husni, Hj Mohamed Fauzy, Ms. Rosmah Ismail


AMCC attended the 5th Road2Haramain Festival  that was hosted by Datuk Hj Abdul Rahim Bin Abdullah at the Ritz Carlton hotel on 2nd November 2016. Hj Fauzy, AMCC president, was the the VVIP guest.

img-20161103-wa0003Hj Fauzy while being honored by Datuk Hj Abdul Rahim Bin Abdullah

img-20161102-wa0013Datuk Hj Abdul Rahim Bin Abdullah giving his speech


AMCC had the pleasure to meet Eng. Fahad Ergsous, chairman assistant of Tourism Committee of  Makkah Chamber of Commerce.